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After a long hiatus,VentureCuba is back. VentureCuba has been at work on several travel related ventures, including in Cuba itself. VentureCuba went to Havana and Trinidad earlier this year. To experience our charming road trip , click the video above.

VentureCuba voted for President-Elect Trump. One of the main reasons was his assurance that the current policy of reconciliation and rebuilding of business ties would continue. Only in the final days of the campaign ( and VentureCuba missed it) did Mr.Trump say he would take another look at the policy. VentureCuba knows that our new President is a winner , who backs winning policies. Not just getting the USA back to work, but teaching and practicing a market economy in Cuba. Like Communist China, people become freer when they can determine their own economic destiny. That is happening right now in Cuba, thanks to the loosening of the Embargo. Certainly President Trump will not got back to the failed Loser policy of the last 58 years . This , in spite of the fact that he has hired Mauricio Claver-Carone, the executive director of the U.S.-Cuba Democracy Political Action Committee – who wants to turn back the clock to 1961. We invite Mr. Claver-Carone to debate us here, along with the 71% of the American people who support normalization of relations with Cuba.

Mauricio Claver-Carone is quoted in Capital Hill Cubans via his editorial for the Miami Herald on November 17th.

In the next few days,VentureCuba will begin presenting business opportunities. Already hundreds of millions of dollars of deals have transpired, adding thousands and soon, tens of thousands of jobs in the Miami area alone.


VentureCuba has always been a source of great links to news stories about new opportunities opening up in Cuba. Beginning tomorrow, June 30, we will start bringing you actual opportunities that our our research department has located. It should be reminded that many of these projects are long term – and carry an element of risk.

Airbnb Doubles Cuba Listings In One Month

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There are now over 2000 listings on Airbnb – most in Havana, but other cities as well. Prices range from $ 10 , the hundreds per night for luxurious houses. A great alternative to hotels, as they will be overbooked for the forseeable future.



Over 1000 Visitors A Week On VentureCuba !

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Over 1000 visitors a week are coming to VentureCuba, only a month since the newly produced site has been up. This is a great place to advertise – travel companies take note  ! Inquire HERE for banner rates – while they are still low and available. The Bulletin Board is still free , so put up general business notices there – in English y español.

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